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Welcome to 3rDay Tech Corp.

Technology working for you.

Recent Work

10:3:1 Writing Studio's Logo

10:3:1 Writing Studio

Marketing & Advertising

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J & V Computers's Logo

J & V Computers

Computer Shop

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Our Services

Below are some services we offer.

Web Design & Development

Quality work. I also create Mobile Friendly websites.

Web Hosting

As a part of my service, I will find a very reliable web hosting company for you. This will help me set up FTP quicker, and easier for me to make any modifications you request to be pushed to your website quicker.

Latest News

Trump America: How Will It Affect You?

Trump America: How Will It Affect You?

13 November 2016 | My Political Thoughts

In the near future, Trump supporters may very well regret casting their vote on his ballot. He and his Fat Cat cronies may cause irreversible harm to our government. Our families, friends, and communities are at risk for governmental atrocities that will forever change our way of life. Like Biff in the future Hill Valley in “Back to The Future II”, President-Elect Trump will lead us farther away from the America we love and closer to the collapse of our dear Nation.

My Site's Relaunch

My Site's Relaunch

6 October 2016 | Welcome Message

Thank you for your patience.

Welcome To My Site

Welcome To My Site

19 September 2016 | Welcome Message

This is a quick hello.